Chicago based photographer, devoting my life to this alluring medium. Recent Columbia College of Chicago grad; I recieved my Bachelor of the Arts degree in Photography with a minor in Art History. Making imagery and sharing my particular view with the world is what brings me joy.

Portraiture is my passion. Bringing out the true essence of one particular moment in time or simply encapsulating one's personality within a still frame are just two facets of the medium I have always found compelling and beautiful. I work primarily with musicians wich allows me to use instruments as the focus for my imagery. Combining music and photography is the direction in which my work has been aimed at; intertwining personal experiences with my creative work has brought about a truly enriching and collaborative lifestyle.

Light, color, and form are fundamental elements of design that surround us everyday. I like to mold those little moments into something unique and tactile.

Peruse my site at your leisure.