This is an exerpt from my documentary project showcasing musicians in their natural environments. Both intimate and collaborative, musicians have a way of working, practicing, and living their lives studying music in the heart of Chicago. My subjects are all close, personal friends who have let me into their lives to capture their everyday. Each musician’s personality and work ethic is a unique part of who they are and how they interpret their field (or genre) of study. Capturing live action moments of passion and quiet moments of practice at home showcases their constant submersion in this field. I believe that music brings out the best in us, a pure raw feeling that stirs us all differently. Through this work, I have brought about a documentation of the myriad of human beings who exude music through their pores and express themselves through their instruments. Capturing the small gestures and nuances that make these musicians unique has been the driving force behind my project. Wanting to give a small window into what I see everyday, surrounded by an assortment of eclectic and brilliant musicians whose souls feed off the music they live and play.